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Basement Wall Straightening

Basement Wall Straightening

We fix basements and foundation walls that are cracked, terribly busted, or are tilting or bowing. We have over 20 years experience as a local contractor who can make foundation or basement repairs as a licensed contractor. We are fully insured and have an excellent rating. Give us a call for any type of foundation repair including straightening basement or foundation walls.

We will straighten your basement walls and close the gaps. We also waterproof the outside to stop water or moisture from coming into the basement. We reinforce all bowed or tilted walls with steel beams. The soil around your home's foundation can place a great deal of pressure on your basement walls. Cracks or gaps are usually the first sign your basement walls or going to buckle, bow, and tilt inwards. If you don't fix the problem of a leaning basement wall, later this damage will get worse over time and may totally collapse into your basement leaving you with a major structure issue.

We can help you repair your basement or foundation walls. Ask us about a free, no-obligation quote to straighten your basement or foundation walls. We have satified customers throughout the Nebraska and Western Iowa area.

Basement Wall Straightening before

Basement Wall Straightening gaps

Close to 2" gap crack allowing water and moisture to come into basement.

Basement Wall steel beams

Steel beams were put into place to reinforce future pressure from moisture outside of foundation.

Basement Wall Straightened and no moisture in basement

Wall is now straightened and moisture no longer entering basement.

Basement Foundation Problems?

If you are having basement foundation problems, cracked walls, gaps between bricks, moisture and leaks, or walls caving in, don't stress. Contact us to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE to fix your basement or foundation problems today!

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